Journalist Goes Vegan for One Month

Grant Butler, a writer for The Oregonian, decided to become vegan overnight on February 1. The article is great! Here are a few quotes that I particularly loved,

"Vegan eating, I discovered, is anything but boring, and the cooking experience is exhilarating and fun. And it with comes some fringe benefits. Physically, I feel great. During the day, I have so much energy that I've kicked my afternoon coffee habit. At night, I'm sleeping better -- I suspect because my body isn't having to work overtime digesting meat. And I've effortlessly lost all the weight I gained over the holidays, without ever experiencing the sort of hunger pangs that come with traditional dieting."

" requires a different approach."

"And by avoiding things like cheese and eggs I've reduced the amount of fat and cholesterol in my diet -- which might be part of why I'm feeling better, too.

In the kitchen, my philosophy about what goes on the plate has changed dramatically. Dinners used to need a meaty focal point, with a side dish or two built around it. Now vegetables are no longer an afterthought and I'm putting my energy into using them in creative ways."

Read the entire article, "An experiment with vegan living leads to a new way of eating."