The Mystery of Tofu

For my first class, I decided we should tackle tofu. There is much anxiety over this food. I was initially apprehensive myself until I started experimenting and reading cookbooks.

Tofu 1-2-3: 125 Easy-to-Prepare Cholesterol-Free Recipes by Maribeth Abrams was helpful along with the many blogs and videos that you see featured to the right.

I'm going to feature several excerpts from

Tofu 1-2-3

over the next few days.

Today, let's explore this...

"I am convinced that there is only one reason why many people in our culture consider tofu to be unfamiliar or 'weird,' and it has absolutely nothing to do with its taste, texture, or appearance. Rather, it's because our parents didn't prepare it for us when we were children."

Think about all of the other foods, particularly meat and imagine never seeing it until you were an adult. You'd be a little wary of eating it, wouldn't you?

Another comment I hear is..."Isn't it bland?" Well, yes it is. It requires seasoning just like most other foods, with the exception of many vegetables and grains which have a natural flavor.

Imagine taking a chicken breast out of the package and baking it without seasoning it. It would taste bland too, right?

It's the same concept. Tofu requires seasoning.