What to Expect

  1. Complete the Application
  2. Pay for Your Session (once you pay, you'll get an email and a PDF file that has the link to complete step 3)
  3. Schedule Your Session

1 Hour Coaching Session


  • Are you having trouble getting started with your transition to a vegan diet? 
  • Are you in the middle of your transition and need encouragement to help you continue?
  • Are you facing health challenges and are interested in exploring ways that transitioning to a vegan diet (or simply incorporating more vegan meals into your week) might help?
  • Do you just have questions about vegan diets and want to talk to an actual person?

Give me a call and I'll help you get unstuck. Afterwards I'll send you an action plan with resources.

Michelle is a great resource. Her expertise was extremely instrumental in me continuing on my journey to transitioning to becoming a vegan. As a follow up to our call she provided me with personalized information that captured all of the pertinent points from our conversation to be used as a reference. Michelle’s passion for helping others transition is evident and I highly recommend anyone at any stage of their journey consult Michelle for guidance and support.
— Twyla